Website Design and Content Management Systems – $600+ (depending on complexity)

Simple, clean layout including your text and photos. Does not include extensive custom graphics work, logo design, or writing. Same fee applies for overhaul of an existing site.

All designs are responsive, meaning they will display appropriately on different screen sizes, from mobile to desktop.

Site design or overhaul includes one year of hosting, and free* domain registration or transfer of existing domain name.

“Web hosting” is the process of storing a site on a server to make it accessible on the internet.

*Not applicable for domain names for resale by third parties.

Your site will be created using a content management system that will allow you (and optionally, your users) to easily add and edit your own content on your website. Basic training will be provided.

Website Maintenance and Other Services – $20/hr

Billable in 15 minute increments – minimum charge of $5. Setup fee may apply on sites designed or hosted elsewhere. Most basic edits are done the same day or next day.

  • Add, edit, or delete text, links or photos on your existing pages
  • Create additional pages
  • Text writing/re-writing
  • Forms


A deposit of 50% is required in advance; the balance is due upon completion of Client’s site. Designer retains the right to disable site functionality if balance is not paid.

PayPal or personal checks accepted. Credit cards accepted through PayPal.

Client retains the rights to all content on their website.

Website content is the sole responsibility of the client. Opinions expressed in clients’ sites do not reflect those of the web designer.