Amy and Tio

Echo-Brin Acres is owned and operated by Amy Romanofsky in Jonestown, PA.

My goal is to create a clean, functional and uncomplicated website for your visitors that is also simple for you to update and maintain.

You will work with one designer, from first contact until the moment that your new website goes live, and beyond. If you have questions or need to make changes to your site, I’m just an email away.

My focus is on clean, organized, functional websites that are easy to read and navigate — the kind of sites I like to visit when I use the Internet.

Your site will use a content management system (CMS). Content management systems separate the design or layout of your site from the information or content displayed on your site. This makes it easy for site owners like you to update your own website content with a minimal amount of training.

All of my website designs are responsive. This means that your site will adjust to fit different sized screens and will look great on desktop computers, tablets and phones.

Same web page as displayed on desktop vs mobile

Although pet-themed sites are a passion of mine (which you will quickly see in my portfolio), my straightforward and clean designs are well-suited for a wide variety of uses, including small businesses, non-profit organizations, hobbies, and more.

Feel free to browse the portfolio to get a better idea of the type of site that I strive to design.

Where does the name Echo-Brin come from?

Echo and Brindle

Echo-Brin Acres gets its name from my first two dogs, Brindle and Echo. Both were shelter dogs of unknown breeding, possibly a cattledog/pit bull mix and a beagle/boxer mix.

Because of those dogs, I started a community website called Pittsburgh Dogs. That site and the associated email group grew to become a useful resource and a wonderful community of dog lovers in Western PA.

In 2000 I began fostering dogs for the Western PA Humane Society, and the following year I put together the Foster Dogs website, to showcase my adoptable dogs and to provide encouragement and support to others who want to foster.

Along the way I was asked to help out with several non-profit pet-related websites, and eventually I started taking paying clients.