About Echo-Brin Acres

Echo-Brin Acres gets its name from my first two dogs, Brindle and Echo. Both were shelter dogs of unknown breeding, possibly a cattledog mix and a beagle/boxer mix.

Because of the dogs, I started a community website called Pittsburgh Dogs. That site and the associated email group grew to become a useful resource and a wonderful community of dog lovers in Western PA.

In 2000 I began fostering dogs for the Western PA Humane Society, and the following year I put together the Foster Dogs website.

Along the way I was asked to help out with several non-profit pet-related websites, and eventually I started taking paying clients.

I am proficient in html and css. Content management systems offered include CMS Made Simple, Wordpress, and Joomla. Content management systems make it easy for end-users to update their own sites with a minimal amount of training. The Bootstrap framework has proven to be a great addition for creating responsive, mobile-friendly sites.

My goal is to create a clean, functional and uncomplicated website for your site visitors that is also simple for you to update and maintain.